Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mustard-Dill Chicken Nuggets

I usually prefer "slippery" chicken (that's what my daughter calls chicken thighs) over chicken breast.  Chicken breast can be so dry - especially if it is just one big chunk of chicken.  So, I decided to chop it up into nuggets, "bread" them and cook them in a little oil.  Now that was some tasty chicken breast!  I wouldn't mind eating chicken breast this way all of the time!  I have been craving these little nuggets ever since I made them - good thing they are easy to make!  :)

Mustard-Dill Chicken Nuggets
1 lb. chicken breast, cut into nuggets
1 egg, beaten
1 T. dijon mustard
1/4 t. salt
1/4 t. dried dill
1 c. almond flour
olive oil 
-Heat enough olive oil to coat large skillet over medium heat.
-Put chicken, egg, mustard in bowl.  Mix well.
-In another bowl add almond flour, salt, dill.  Mix.  Dip each chicken piece into breading until coated and put in skillet to cook.
-Cook each side of chicken for about 5 minutes (or until golden brown).  Enjoy!!

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